About the Community

Construct//Disrupt is a growing community of innovators. It is the first startup-led movement of its kind in construction - we are committed staying inclusive and cross-disciplinary. The community brings together a diversity of thinkers, makers and innovators who are collectively driving the construction and engineering industries forward. Startups have a platform to share their technology alongside industry giants at our renowned Construct//Disrupt events. Join us as we explore the intersections of entrepreneurship, construction and engineering.

The Community

Nice things people have said

It’s startups like BaseStone that are leading disruption in construction and engineering, it’s very important to support startups and entrepreneurs that are trying to change the industry for the better.

Bibop Gresta
COO, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

Construct//Disrupt was a high energy opportunity for innovators and representatives from large organisations to explore how new technologies can transform the way the construction industry operates. I found the evening engaging, energising and stimulating – a great opportunity to network across the sector.

Chris Bruce
Director, BT Global Services

With the event, BaseStone not only showed that it is a leader of disruption in construction but also knows how to connect the brightest minds in the industry for a unique and refreshing event.

Dirk Lehmann
Entrepreneur & Innovation Facilitator

One of the best events I’ve been to. Inspirational. More please!

Jeremy Foot
Head of Information Management, HS2

Construct//Disrupt was a highly concentrated mix of exciting ideas and next level thinking. A remarkable and refreshing take on the usually formal and linear ‘BIM event’ format. Very effective, thank you very much BaseStone.

James Bowles
Founder & CEO, Freeform

Killer event – best thing I have been to in construction for a very long time!

Fred Millst
Co-founder & Director, The B1M

Construct//Disrupt was very good for us, we were able to make some great connections with interesting people in an industry that is totally new for us.

Oluwaseyi Sosanya
Co-founder, Gravity Sketch

It was a good moment to discover new ideas in the construction and engineering itself. I believe that BaseStone can also be broadly used in the construction field.

Miguel Hijano
Design Project Manager, Arcadis