Your Complete
Progressive Assurance

Better data,
Smarter Decisions,
Enhanced delivery

quality Assurance Goals

Create a process
to reduce problems and identify risks in delivery

Create handover pack For the client and later For Operations & Maintenance
Create an audit trail to prove that your work is compliant to your client


Part of the BaseStone productivity tool family, BaseStone Assurance is your complete progressive assurance solution. Gather better data, MAKE smarter decisions, enhance your project delivery

  • Digital signatures
  • Mobile device optimised forms
  • Perfect export to your compliant format
  • Workflow support and task management
  • BaseStone Inspect toolset
  • BaseStone Redline toolset
  • Available online and offline
  • Help centre support
  • UK Email support
  • Data export


Complete visibility, 
Consistent reporting,
Compliant handover


Be on top of any issues that happen on your construction site. Reduce your Cost of Changes


Check that your Quality Plan is being followed at every step. Reduce your Risk

Basestone Assurance

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