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BaseStone Inspect featured case study

Costain Snagging

3 times faster than traditional paper-based methods 60% cost reduction vs. traditional snagging processes

Originally throughout the project, paper-based Inspections & Snagging were taking place to identify and correct defects. This involved collaborating with subcontractors and clients which meant that information was often lost or miscommunicated. The original process without BaseStone included printing up-to-date drawings, marking up by hand to show snags, passing this information on to the subcontractor by email or phone and then returning to inspect the quality of the remedial work. This process is time-consuming, difficult to manage and often results in communication errors.

With BaseStone Inspect, Snags (including photos) were recorded directly from the field and placed on the latest drawings. Snags were then assigned directly to subcontractors who were able to see all of the information about the Snag. When finished, they were able to take further photos evidencing the resolution of the Snag.

Snag & Inspection reports were automatically generated in a matter of clicks, reducing both the admin burden of report writing and overall carbon footprint.

Basestone Inspect

Part of the BaseStone productivity tool family, BaseStone Inspect is a digital inspection and snagging solution supporting you and your subcontractors prepare for handover.

  • Efficient issue management
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimted project areas
  • Unlimited files hosted
  • Automatic reports
  • Data export
  • Signatures
  • Drawing export
  • Help centre support
  • UK Email support
  • Photo capture
  • GPS Locations


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user / month
  • Unlimited usage
  • File / Drawing Viewer
  • Issue tracking
  • Reports
  • Data export
  • Help centre support
  • UK Email support