Blockchain in Construction

Blockchain in Construction

Is Blockchain going to save construction or is it an ineffective innovation toy?

This presentation was held on 18th October 2018. at Digital Construction Week 2018 at Industry 4.0 stage by our Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Simon McCabe. 

Does Blockchain add value in Construction? With crypto currency fever well behind us, is the underlying Blockchain technology headed for a similar fate? While the UK construction industry faces another painful year should we be investing in Blockchain? Crystal ball style predictions are great talking points but should not drive business strategy. Strategy and execution in innovation is more important than predicting winners, just ask Apple.

In this video of the talk given at Digital Construction Week, Simon provides some critical analysis to help innovators and managers evaluate the amazing claims about Blockchain and more importantly whether or not it is relevant to you and your business.

You can watch the full presentation here:


You can read the full PDF presentation here:

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