BaseStone 1.4 released

I was so tempted to have a title that rhymed with 4 but team basestone are harsh critics of bad poetry. You have been spared.

download now and experience it for yourself or read on…

basestone 1.4 contains some neat new features but most significantly we have improved user interaction in the main annotation screen where you spend most of your time.  The improvements make interaction more intuitive and robust.  You no longer need to long press to access the edit options and repositioning text or markup is a breeze.  If you don’t agree don’t forget to send us a message from within the app so that we continue to get valuable feedback from you.

New in the same view you can now access a list view for annotations.

Click on the eye to show the list and select an annotation to centre on that item. Far superior to searching a complex drawing for annotations and closer to the browser experience on

In addition to those already mentioned new features include

  • double tap to zoom in (and out)
  • background sync for those long running photo uploads on slow connections
  • download new photos on the fly
  • better clouds – these look better on screen and when printed
  • a much simplified signup process so go ahead download and signup now using the app or signup on the website

Snagging review..

BaseStone is for more than just snagging but obviously we want you to be able to complete your projects with ease so here is a quick overview of snagging with photo follow up…. the proof which can be retained in your records and produced at will.

First select the plan that covers the area you are snagging.  If you don’t have a plan or drawing we’re working on a solution for that too!  You can add photos of areas or individual items for snagging and follow up with further photos on completion.

To add a photo select the camera icon from the tools list on the right of the screen.

Then touch on the screen where you want the photo to be placed.  If you keep your finger on the screen you will see crosshairs. The crosshairs shows where your photo will be placed. You can move this as needed. Don’t worry you can also move your photo location later.

As with all markup in basestone you can enter details about the item for snagging and set a priority based on the seriousness of the issue. Priorities are useful when you hand off an item to help the on site team decide which issues to work on first.  You should also set the status of an item to “for review” which reduces the number of items that are displayed on the screen when rectification is in progress.

To filter the items shown on screen select the filter icon in the top bar on the right of the screen

All the parameters that you can filter on will be shown.  Un-tick anything you don’t need to see.  In this case we only want items that are “for review” so we leave that selected.

On completion of rectification the contractor can add a photo to the item as proof of completion.  To do this select the camera pin in the drawing.  A menu like this will appear. Select “add photo” to take an image and update progress.

Additional photos can be taken if required.  The contractor should then set the status to closed ready for the acceptance stage.

BaseStone 1.3 released for iPad

We are pleased to announce the release of a significant update to our iPad application. BaseStone for iPad version 1.3 is now available for download from the iTunes store here. This new version has many new features including tighter integration with the web application. You can now review seamlessly on the web and on the iPad, in the office or on site.

We will be following up in the coming weeks with short feature discussions to help you get the most out of basestone.