Prepare for super slick drawing review with BaseStone’s new features…


Welcome to Constructing BaseStone, our blog series dedicated to all of the updates we’ve made to BaseStone. We always look forward to releasing new features to you, but we are extremely excited to reveal our new review experience; prepare for fast and intuitive drawing review in your very own web browser.

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Scroll to zoom

Our users and industry partners told us that speed is important when reviewing drawings back at the office. You can now scroll to zoom in and out of your drawing on the web platform. Navigating around your drawings is now super slick.


Markup with meaning

Have you ever done a piece of markup and forgotten what it means later down the line? On the web, you can now add multiple pieces of markup for each issue created. This allows you to capture and describe issues more effectively using the web interface.


Try it out on BaseStone!


Select issues more easily

Issues contain critical project information captured from the site. Click on any piece of markup on the drawing to see the issue in more detail.


Improved photo gallery

We know that your photos are important for capturing what’s on site and conveying information. We have improved the way that photos are displayed on the web and added the ability for you to download photos straight to your computer.




App version 2.0 and earlier are no longer supported

As a final note, app versions 2.0 and earlier are no longer supported. Please update your app to the latest version to get the best experience from BaseStone.


Thanks again for your continued support and we hope you enjoy using these new features.

Try them on BaseStone!