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Your teams are productive wherever they are

Construction projects are often complex. They consist of distributed people and remote construction sites. Shrinking margins and intense pressure to deliver on time and budget mean it is more important than ever to find ways to improve productivity.

To keep productive, teams need mobility with reliable ways to capture and share information. BaseStone's digital delivery platform is fully mobile and lets your teams get work done wherever they are.

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“Basestone is a fantastic tool to manage configuration of documents for coordination and construction on large Railway systems infrastructure projects. We are looking forward to developing its use on Alstom’s future infrastructure projects”

Guilhem Duval, Engineering Manager, Alstom (Crossrail ATC Systemwide project)

One tool to streamline processes

Manual and paper-based process are still prevalent in the industry. BaseStone is the only tool built specifically for construction projects to not only to digitise, but to completely streamline multiple processes.

Our out-of-the box workflows mean BaseStone can digitise all of your processes from the beginning to the very end of the project. You don’t need to invest in multiple software applications or spend time training teams on multiple systems.

Design review workflow
As-built Redlining workflow
Tag and Trace workflow
Snagging workflow

"It makes my work much more efficient"

Ruth Fuller, Senior Engineer at Costain (Crossrail Paddington Station project)

Discover how you can achieve over 10% productivity gains for your team

Improve visibility, reduce abortive work

BaseStone ensures that teams have the right information in their hands at the right time. As a result, problems are more visible and are fixed faster, reducing abortive work.

Revision management ensures engineers are using the latest drawings so that no one builds off an old revision. BaseStone reports keep the right people informed of progress without placing a heavy admin burden on the team. Our rich search functions let you find the most urgent issues to deal with them right away.

Email daily updates
Revision management

Optimise to fit your needs

With BaseStone’s lightweight customisable options and integrations, you can easily optimise the platform to meet your own and client's requirements. There are no additional set-up costs , so you can meet requirements without having to invest in bespoke software.

BaseStone is the digital delivery platform built for construction. It enables collaboration within BIM so that you can meet your company BIM objectives without added cost.

Integrate with existing CDE
Custom tagging
Custom forms
Facilitates BIM compliance

"It has helped us to drive digital capture of construction information, which we believe will drive a more efficient asset handover"

Ben Feltham, Head of BIM and Digital Engineering , Skanska UK Infrastructure

Fast set up and time to value

Time is money and delays threaten the profitability of projects. BaseStone is software-as-a-service meaning that it can be deployed right away with very minimal set-up required. BaseStone integrates with your existing CDE so all project documents are accessible through BaseStone seamlessly.

Our enterprise success services help organisations to reap huge benefits from BaseStone. We work with your teams to streamline processes, drive adoption and transform the way you deliver projects.

Integrates with existing CDE
Use existing web browser and iOS devices
Enterprise success services


Security and control over your data

The BaseStone cloud keeps your data in an ISO27001 compliant data centre. All communication is encrypted using TLS 1.2 and secure user authentication with OAuth 2.0 to ensure that your data is highly secure. Team management and secure file sending gives you the access control you need to keep your data safe.

We believe that it should be easy for you to get your data out of BaseStone to keep a project record and audit trail.

Secure cloud based in EU safe harbour
Secure sending and tracking files
Team management - access control
Export data

Boost team productivity and improve margins

Who uses BaseStone

BIM/VDC manager
Construction Manager
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