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Construct//Disrupt events bring together the most exciting startup technologies and industry leaders to change construction for the better, giving a platform to the people who are actively driving innovation in the industry

“So, while everyone is sitting down; let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Construct//Disrupt. I’m sitting with a bunch of excited engineers and property developers who are wondering what the future of innovative technology will do to their industry and are ready to take the lead and embrace it.” Innovations in Proptech is Being Brunel’s write up on Construct//Disrupt 3, read about the fantastic speakers and their ideas about how we will build, buy and live in the future.

Following from our highly successful Construct//Disrupt: Proptech event, we put together an infographic using Savills World Cities research to highlight learnings and emerging trends. London’s connected digital infrastructure, shared spaces and talent pool make it one of the top tech cities in the world.

“There is real innovation being driven into a risk-averse industry, led by the UK’s forward-thinking and ambitious infrastructure projects. With real discussion and collaboration between tech startups and the construction industry, we can build smarter, more sustainable cities and infrastructure.”

BaseStone CEO, Alex Siljanovski writes about how London is successfully connecting startups and the future of transportation infrastructure.

Construct//Disrupt is a growing community of innovators. It is the first startup-led movement of its kind in construction – we are committed staying inclusive and cross-disciplinary. The community brings together a diversity of thinkers, makers and innovators who are collectively driving the construction and engineering industries forward. Startups have a platform to share their technology alongside industry giants at our renowned Construct//Disrupt events. Join us as we explore the intersections of entrepreneurship, construction and engineering.

“Before you all scoff at the notion of your company buying you an iPad; I would ask you, and more importantly, them to value your time.”

In “An Evening With BaseStone”, Being Brunel discusses the product and founder Alex Siljanovksi’s own beginnings as an engineer.

“The industry must adopt new technologies and ways of working” says Alex. “When you look at future engineers and architects coming through university now, they are so incredibly conversant with the latest forms of technology that they expect this trend to propagate to the industry” PSD featured BaseStone in their blog “Building the Future: Tech Startups in the Property & Construction Sectors”, including a short interview with BaseStone.

“Smart City ‘Mice’ and ‘Elephants’ Learn to Tango”, Chris Bruce, Director at BT Global Services, writes about his learnings as a mentor during the Cognicity Challenge in 2015. He writes about how startups and large organisations must learn how to work together and adapt to each other if both are to succeed.

“It might seem like the industry is just plodding along compared to our technological counterparts- but there’s still an undercurrent of disruption to help shake things up. Here’s to whatever these hopeful startups become!”

Being Brunel wrote about some of the startups that participated in BaseStone’s first Construct//Disrupt that made a splash in June 2014.

“With Coca-Cola as a clear heavyweight in construction and BaseStone’s innovative approach to the changing industry, we both sensed a potential for collaboration between elephant and mosquito.”

“4 Things a Software Startup Learned During a Week at Coca-Cola” is BaseStone’s guest post for Coca-Cola’s Innovation blog Unbottled. We were invited to Coca-Cola’s Atlanta HQ as part of our prize for winning Best Alpha Startup at WebSummit 2013.

BaseStone wrote about our experience pitching and winning the award for Best Alpha Startup at WebSummit in the Collision Conf blog “Expect the Unexpected: One Startup that ended up in Coca-Cola HQ”