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more engineering

Access, capture and share information wherever you are, online or offline

Information in your hands

Not having access to the right information at the right time on a construction project can cause big delays and mistakes.

BaseStone is the one place to access project documents and drawings wherever you are. Even when you’re out on site with no internet access. Back at the office, you’ll have information at your fingertips through the web platform.

Our fast viewer lets you view and markup PDF drawings effortlessly and revision control helps to make sure you are always working from the latest version.

Mobile apps

Work Offline

SUPER Fast viewer

Store ANY file TYPES

Web platform

Revision Control

Capture anything

Whether you’re reviewing drawings, carrying out site inspections, or creating your as-built redlines, the need is ever-present to reliably capture accurate information. 

BaseStone lets you create and link issues with markup and locations on drawings. You can also add and markup photos and sketches, record GPS locations, as well as attach and complete any forms or supporting files and documentation that you may need.

All information is in one place and easy to find and share. BaseStone works the way you do.

Annotation tools

Photo capture

GPS location


Communicate faster,
with no more waiting around

Good communication keeps the project moving forward. On BaseStone you can communicate by directly commenting on Issues, keeping all information in one place and preventing information being lost in long email chains.

Assign issues as tasks so that the team knows what they need to work on. Everyone stays in the loop with in-app notifications and emails straight to their inbox.


Assign issues



Less admin, more engineering

After capturing information from the field, you often have to create reports which involves manual and repetitive tasks such as printing, scanning, downloading photos and re-marking up drawings. Let BaseStone take that admin burden off your shoulders.

BaseStone automatically generates reports. Comment schedules, as-built redlines, site surveys and snag reports are created at the click of a button. You can get back to engineering and leave the admin behind.

Bespoke Reporting

Photo Export

CSV export

Seek and you shall find

We know how frustrating it is when you can’t find the right drawing, document or issue. BaseStone has rich search functionality and filters to make endless searching a thing of the past. Custom tags let you structure and report on the project information to suit the way you work.



Custom tags

Built for you

BaseStone is built specifically for engineers and construction professionals by engineers and construction professionals. Our user-centred design makes it easy for anyone to use. Your job is difficult enough as it is – we aim to make your life easier with intuitive tools.

You can rest assured that you’ll have reliable access to information. BaseStone is as mobile as you are and built for the field.

centred design


Secure data

Offline use

Get set up in no time

BaseStone integrates with your existing CDE to seamlessly import your project data. The system supports meta data extraction from drawings and labels them automatically to save you time. BaseStone enables collaboration within BIM so that you can meet your company BIM objectives without additional hassle.

Integrates with CDE

Meta data extraction

BIM Compliance

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Here for you

BaseStone support is based in the UK and extremely fast. We’re here for you when you need us. We also provide a host of online resources for you to get the most out of BaseStone.

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