A new way
to manage your construction

View. Evidence. Report. In one intuitive, collaborative space.

Simple and intuitive

Quick to setup, easy to use

  • Getting your project set-up is as simple as click, drag, drop.
  • Getting the project on your device is as easy as logging in to the app.

Flexible and Versatile

Customise to fit your needs

Construction projects have different teams with different needs at different times. Manage your files and issues with tags, enabling any type of report.

  • Lightning-fast Drawing Viewer
    View drawings of any size and resolution, on any device, with full version control and integrations into other systems
  • Markup and Asbuilts
    Record your markup and as-builts from site, on-the-go, and even offline. Attach sketches, photos, forms and more to provide additional context
  • Share Files externally
    Built-in Issuing of files or groups of documents for handover from within BaseStone, with full read receipt tracking.
  • Capture data from site
    Use BaseStone Issues to note observations, evidence installations, or raise issues or queries that need actioning or responding to. Link them to no drawing, one drawing, or multiple drawings
  • Communicate more effectively
    Markup drawings and attach photos to Issues to communicate more clearly the task at hand or progress being made
  • Close out and complete faster
    Change the status of Issues to show what stage of completion they are at. Sign-off on complete and accepted Issues, with an audit trail showing each individual Issue’s history
  • Intuitive Assignments
    Assign files or issues to other stakeholders and team members which can be viewed in a familiar spreadsheet-based overview and signed-off on when complete
  • Categorise for Reporting
    Categorise Issues by Tag, Status, Priority, Type, Contractors, Assignee and more, for granular filtering and bespoke reporting to your needs
  • Handover Digitised
    Generate Reports (CSV & PDF), Snapshots and other deliverables from within BaseStone at the push of a button. Share, Print, or Download these with ease.
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Built for Construction

Architects & Designers

Manage an unlimited number of drawings and files, with full version control.

New versions of uploaded drawings automatically supersede older versions, whilst still being easily accessible so that changes can be seen.

Engineering Consultants

Manage your Inspections and report upon observations and recommendations to your clients.

Markup and capture photos help to better convey information and changes with real time communication ensuring that the points are understood and can be actioned faster.

Contractors (General & Specialist)

Boost day-to-day productivity and eliminate unnecessary admin and duplication of work.

Teams are better coordinated, the risk of error and miscommunication is reduced, and everyone can spend more time focussed on the tasks at hand.

Owners & Operators

Get visibility over your project and seamlessly track each project’s progress using our easy to digest spreadsheet-based overviews.

Coordinate works with all project stakeholders and ensure that everyone is up to speed on the latest progress, with critical decisions made faster and queries.

View. Evidence. Report.

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