Simple and Intuitive

5 simple steps to get started with BaseStone
BaseStone in 2 minutes!

Step #1 - A simple start

Every project is unique, and yours is no different.

  • Create your project with the touch of a button, and upload your files with ease.
  • Adding a few tags will make file filtering a breeze, and means that your project is now set to fit to the way that you work.

Step #2 - Taking things further

It’s not just about great file management.

  • Whether directly related to your drawings or not, at some point during your project, observations may need to be noted, installations may need to be evidenced, or issues and questions may need to be raised.
  • Create a BaseStone Issue to record what’s needed and who’s responsible, with photos and markup helping you communicate more effectively the task at hand.

Step #3 - Enjoy the views

Track your project’s progress with an overview of everything that’s been raised.

  • Use the information that you’ve captured to filter and focus on what matters most to you and your team.
  • Provide commentary and monitor progress, with our easy to digest data feeds providing a familiar spreadsheet-based view over one (or all!) of your ongoing projects.

Step #4 - Report and Handover with ease

Produce state-of-play reports and snapshots to handover and close-out faster.

  • Flexible reporting enables you to provide deliverables bespoke to your exact needs.
  • Filter, report, and easily share and reports with your team or key stakeholders as and when required.
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Step #5 - Put on a brew and enjoy the rest of your day

With the time saved from using BaseStone, the choice is yours as to how you spend it.

Why not put the kettle on now that you’re a little less stressed and enjoy your hard-earned rest until it’s time to get back to it!

View. Evidence. Report.

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Construction Teams Love BaseStone

Being able to access, capture and share information wherever you are, from one easy-to-use application, helps you close out and complete your tasks faster


Directors & Managers Love BaseStone

By streamlining your team’s
construction processes, you have better visibility across all of your projects and can track progress more effectively