D-Construct: Episode 3 | UAVs

Our third episode of our D-Construct series with The B1M explores the question “What Can UAVs Do for Construction”. BaseStone CEO Alex and CTO Simon speak with Julian Deeks, the Technical Specialist at Leica Geosystems on the potential for UAVs in the industry and how large companies and startups are disrupting the UAV sector and bringing necessary developments and innovation to construction.

D-Construct: Episode 1 | Converge

In our very first episode of D-Construct, we investigate the Internet of Things and what it means for construction. Alex Siljanovski (BaseStone CEO) Simon McCabe (BaseStone CTO) and Tom Payne (The B1M Co-founder) talk about the importance of connected data and the potential for sensors on construction sites. They then spoke to Gideon Farrell (Converge Co-founder) about the technology Converge are bringing to the the concrete drying process – significantly increasing on-site efficiency and safety