BaseStone reporting features for handover

At BaseStone we focus on delivering what the construction industry needs. Recently we have been improving our reporting functionality to help streamline the handover process for our users.

We heard many horror stories about how handover was dragged out over months, even years sometimes, because documentation was all over place and in paper form.

So we added more functionality to our reports to make them more customisable and hence more applicable to the varying handover processes. We would love to hear your feedback and more about your handover requirements – please get in touch!

Create reports with issue selection

You can now select issues across the project to be included in the report. Select the individual issues and then create either a PDF or CSV. This is available from both the mobile and web application.

You can also use tags to group issues and then create reports based on tags.


Multi-drawing reports

You can now create reports of issues across multiple drawings. Just use the issue selection function (see above) and create either a PDF or CSV report. The PDF report will include a snapshot of each of the drawings referenced as well as the issue details.


Report Options

We recognise that everyone has different requirements for their handover and reporting.

You now have many more options when creating reports – customise the content by including/excluding attachments, comments, callouts (on the drawing), photos and signatures.

Signatures in reports

When an issue is signed off on BaseStone, the signatures are included in the PDF reports along with a timestamp. We hope this will help to streamline the sign-off process during handover.

We hope you find the new features useful.

Product Update: Reporting Special

Creating reports is a necessary but time consuming task. At BaseStone we believe that engineers shouldn’t have to spend half of their time creating reports. Our latest reporting features help to reduce the admin burden by letting you generate bespoke reports in one click.

New features:

  • Timestamped photos on reports (web & mobile)
  • Report options to include/exclude (web & mobile):
    • Attachments
    • Comments
    • Callouts
    • Photos
    • Signatures
  • Select issues across multiple drawings to include in report (web & mobile)

Here’s how to create a typical report on BaseStone with our new reporting functionality:

  1. Create issues on BaseStone
  • Open the BaseStone mobile app and record snags, site observations or notes from the site
  • Add tags and photos to the issues. Mark up the drawing to show the location
  • If needed, assign the item to a team member
  • Use our signature functionality to sign off the item
  1. Select the issues to include in the report
  • Navigate to the project and ‘Issues’ tab
  • Use the tags/filters to select the issues to include in the report (e.g. select the high priority and ‘open’ items, or select all items tagged as a ‘snag’). Or select the items using the tick boxes on the left to include (web only).
  • Click ‘Create Report’
  1. Customise the content of the report
  • Choose whether to create a CSV report (to be imported into excel) or a PDF report
  • Customise the content by including/excluding attachments, comments, callouts (on the drawing), photos and signatures

Download this example report created on BaseStone

Have a more productive day with BaseStone! We hope you enjoy using our new reporting functionality, let us know if you have any feedback.

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Introducing Electronic Sign-off

Assuring quality and resolving issues are critical to the delivery of any successful project. At BaseStone, we want to help engineers be as productive as possible, using our digital platform to record and assist in achieving your deliverables.

That’s why, in support of this, we’re proud to announce our latest feature: “Electronic Sign-off”.

With Electronic Sign-off, any number of engineers, managers, or construction professionals can now sign-off against any issue within BaseStone, with full date and time stamp auditing to show exactly when they gave their “seal of approval”. To streamline the sign-off process, any user within the account can “sign-off” an issue and they will receive a receipt of their signature to their email address.


Compared to traditional paper-signatures, Electronic Sign-off provides a permanent record, not only on the issue, but also on reports created. Any revoked signatures are also fully date and time-stamped against the issue providing protection against the risk of forgery.

Our Electronic Sign-off, as well as any other attachment to an issue (such as file, photo, or comment), is now also highlighted upon the closed issue card, providing engineers with an at-a-glance summary of the contents of that issue, without the need to open it.

The same is true upon the issues page of a project, where issues across all drawings within the project can be seen.

We have plans to add further functionality to our Electronic Sign-off but first want to hear back from our users!

If you want to be involved within one of our User Groups and input into the future developments and future plans for the BaseStone platform, get in touch using the link below!

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BaseStone’s latest mobile release is now available

Latest BaseStone mobile release

Major new release version 3 now available

Winter is coming and as our developers rejoice seeing less sunlight, they recently surfaced from their BatCave to show us the latest version of the BaseStone mobile platform.

The latest release includes updates to our web, iPad and iPhone applications. Here are the highlights:

Improved Data Matrix and QR code functionality

On the iPad and iPhone applications, you can now scan QR and Data Matrix codes more easily and select the data to become the issue title. This is an huge enhancement to both snagging and asset-tagging processes on BaseStone. And new code lookup functionality will be coming soon!


Business Collaborator Integration

We’re delighted to announce our latest integration available on the BaseStone web application. If you’re using Business Collaborator, you can now import the files seamlessly onto BaseStone. Get in touch with us to discuss more.

Optional save to camera roll

We receive concerns from many of our users about storage on mobile devices so we make every endeavour to minimise the amount of space BaseStone takes up. Small and mighty is what we aim for. The latest release on the iphone lets you choose whether to save the photo to the camera roll or not to help control space on your device.


The key features already existing on the application include the ability to:

  • Conduct site inspections
  • Snag and report progress
  • Markup/annotate and redline drawings
  • Create as-builts
  • View and add photos, RFIs, files, comments
  • Quality inspections
  • Report defects
  • Site survey inspections

These features give the user benefits such as:

  • Everyone has access to the latest drawing, plan and information in the field
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce paper and printing costs
  • Ensure issues are captured accurately
  • Create reports instantly, no need to copy up notes from the field
  • Visibility of issues on site
  • Reduce mistakes and abortive work

It has been a busy period for the team as only last month we were “Highly Commended” at the British Construction Industry Awards and also had a great time at Digital Construction Week which included a talk by our CEO Alex as well as exhibiting. Our CTO Simon also discussed BaseStone and Building Information Modelling at an event organised by 3D Repo to kick off Digital Construction Week.

If you would like to know more or have a specific question about BaseStone, click here and we would be happy to have a chat.

If you would like a free trial of the BaseStone application, click here.