Complete all of your Workflows on BaseStone

People use BaseStone for many different tasks and process on construction projects – as an inspection tool, to manage defects, create as-built redlines and track field changes, to name a few. In a meeting with one of our users a few months ago, he asked us ‘I know that you can do all of these different things individually on BaseStone, but how do I do all of them?’. We thought that was a very good point and have been working on ways to improve BaseStone so different workflows can be completed simultaneously more easily.    Our latest feature lets users to add a ‘Type’ to a BaseStone issue. So whatever you are using BaseStone for, you can categorise your items accordingly. This makes it easier to view and create reports on just the information you need by using the filters.

Combine this with the new contractor field feature, and you can start to allocate work to specific contractors, giving better visibility of progress across the project. It gives you the ability to drill down into where there might be delays or blockages.   In the near future we’ll be adding more functionality around dashboards, giving you even more visibility and insights needed for construction team management.  

Note: This feature is only currently available on on the BaseStone web application, coming to the mobile app soon.