BaseStone 4.0 is here!

BaseStone 4.0 is here!

We are very excited to announce the release of the much anticipated BaseStone 4.0!

This major update incorporates many of the ideas and feedback from our users and aims to add more flexibility to the system.

Here’s a roundup of what’s included;

Link issues to multiple drawings

For many workflows, such as Field Change Requests (FCRs) and Non Conformance Reports (NCRs), many drawings are related to the issue in question. You can now link many drawings and related markup to a single issue. Read more here.

Raise issues without a drawing

Use BaseStone to capture site information, even when you don’t have a drawing to relate it to. You can now create standalone issues simply using the application. Read more here.

New issue view

When you open an issue, it will no longer open the drawing by default. This is to allow for the changes in the issue and drawing relationship mentioned above. Wee hope this will also save you time when issues details need to be edited, but don’t need to be opened on the drawing. Read more here.

Manage your offline and cloud projects

We have improved the management of offline and cloud projects. Offline projects are those that are synced automatically. Cloud projects are only synced when you manually update them. This helps you to manage the storage on your device and ensure you always have the right project information on site. Read more here.

Spreadsheet view

Our new spreadsheet view resembles an excel spreadsheet and can be used for viewing and tracking data. It brings together all of the issues across all of the projects in the account and there are filters to help to display what you need.

You can also make changes to issue from this page which will help to speed up work.

The spreadsheet view is currently only in Beta but will be available very soon on the web application. Read more here.

Download 4.0 today on the Appstore and let us know what you think!