BaseStone reporting features for handover

BaseStone reporting features for handover

At BaseStone we focus on delivering what the construction industry needs. Recently we have been improving our reporting functionality to help streamline the handover process for our users.

We heard many horror stories about how handover was dragged out over months, even years sometimes, because documentation was all over place and in paper form.

So we added more functionality to our reports to make them more customisable and hence more applicable to the varying handover processes. We would love to hear your feedback and more about your handover requirements – please get in touch!

Create reports with issue selection

You can now select issues across the project to be included in the report. Select the individual issues and then create either a PDF or CSV. This is available from both the mobile and web application.

You can also use tags to group issues and then create reports based on tags.


Multi-drawing reports

You can now create reports of issues across multiple drawings. Just use the issue selection function (see above) and create either a PDF or CSV report. The PDF report will include a snapshot of each of the drawings referenced as well as the issue details.


Report Options

We recognise that everyone has different requirements for their handover and reporting.

You now have many more options when creating reports – customise the content by including/excluding attachments, comments, callouts (on the drawing), photos and signatures.

Signatures in reports

When an issue is signed off on BaseStone, the signatures are included in the PDF reports along with a timestamp. We hope this will help to streamline the sign-off process during handover.

We hope you find the new features useful.