There is no better way to bring in 2015 than with a stack of fresh features for BaseStone’s users. Welcome to Constructing BaseStone, our blog series dedicated to all of the updates we’ve made to BaseStone.

Having worked closely with our users and industry partners over the last few months, it’s obvious that the construction industry needs tools that facilitate collaboration and communication throughout the review process. Effective communication requires that the right people have the right information, and these new features achieve this.

Comment and discuss issues

Resolving issues is an integral part of the review process and requires communication between many different people. Normally this information is exchanged over email and in-person which makes the process very disjointed.

With BaseStone you can now comment on issues and discuss them with project members. This allows you to resolve issues more quickly and effectively, whilst ensuring that all of the information is in one place.


Introducing BaseStone Tasks

To improve collaboration and the visibility of your work, we have released BaseStone Tasks. In this first version, we have developed Tasks for drawing review.

You can now assign a drawing to one or more members of the project for them to review. The assigned user is notified and the drawing will appear as an assigned task in their BaseStone dashboard. When the review process is finished, the user can mark the task as complete and you’ll get a notification to let you know they’ve completed the review task.

This feature facilitates collaborative review, whilst ensuring that your project members have the right drawings in their hands.


We hope that you enjoy using these new features!

BaseStone is built around the needs of construction professionals, so all of our features originate from insights provided by our users and industry partners. If you have any feedback or requests, feel free to get in touch at